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Angel Densetsu

Angel Densetsu
Status Completed
Type Manga

Angel Densetsu


Legend of Angel



Synopsis Angel Densetsu

Seiichirou Kitano is a naive and kind boy with the heart of an angel and the face of a devil. Upon entering his new school he is presumed to be a villainous heroin addict, and unwittingly becomes the leader of the school's thugs, all thanks to his frightening face. His new "friends" have great expectations of him, seeing him as a frightful demon. Kitano himself, on the other hand, loathes violence and is blissfully unaware of the situation he is in...

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Chapters of Angel Densetsu

Vol.12 Chapter 64.5: Side StoryVol.07 Chapter 35.5: Side StoryVol.06 Chapter 31.5: Side StoryVol.05 Chapter 26.5: Side StoryVol.15 Chapter 84: The Final Holy WarVol.15 Chapter 83: Waiting for the Fateful Word...Vol.15 Chapter 82: A Day of Blue SkiesVol.15 Chapter 81: Trouble of TakehisaVol.15 Chapter 80: Manse of EvilVol.15 Chapter 79: Upon My Love, Greed, and PrideVol.15 Chapter 78: Days of Our Youth: Part 3Vol.15 Chapter 77: Days of Our Youth: Part 2Vol.14 Chapter 76: Days of Our Youth: Part 1Vol.14 Chapter 75: Angel at RestVol.14 Chapter 74: He Who Will Not FallVol.14 Chapter 73: Mark of the LadyVol.14 Chapter 72: Pieces of the Beautiful AngelsVol.14 Chapter 71: The Advent Upon Leo's AnguishVol.13 Chapter 70: The Great Demonic Ant Lion Escape PlanVol.13 Chapter 69: Moon to the DevilVol.13 Chapter 68: The Evil PursuerVol.13 Chapter 67: The Siblings Are PossessedVol.13 Chapter 66: The Suffering of the Halford FamilyVol.13 Chapter 65: The Mysterious Connection Between Hero and DemonVol.12 Chapter 64: Another Sunday for the Kitano FamiltVol.12 Chapter 63: The Home of DemonsVol.12 Chapter 62: At the Far End of Violence and LamenationVol.12 Chapter 61: The Mighty and EphemeralVol.12 Chapter 60: A Photograph of the Highest Level of ViolenceVol.11 Chapter 59: Holy Battle in the MorningVol.11 Chapter 58: The Crossroads of HellVol.11 Chapter 57: Kaburagi's Observation ReportVol.11 Chapter 56: Afternoon Hidden PhotographerVol.11 Chapter 55: A Calamitous TargetVol.11 Chapter 54: The Ideal SubjectVol.10 Chapter 53: Ryoko's Sunday BattleVol.10 Chapter 52: Kurodas Beautiful SundayVol.10 Chapter 51: Showdown! Koiso-Style KobujutsuVol.10 Chapter 50: The Warrior's AfternoonVol.10 Chapter 49: Ikuno's ConfessionVol.10 Chapter 48: A Far Off ConcernVol. 9 Chapter 47: Spring Sunlight ThroughVol.09 Chapter 46: Shadow of the DevilVol.09 Chapter 45: Anguish of the HolyVol.09 Chapter 44: The End of a Distant Empty SkyVol.09 Chapter 43: Atonement for Well Meant ActionsVol.09 Chapter 42: An Assassin from the ShadowsVol.08 Chapter 41: A Nameless PathVol.08 Chapter 40: Elegy for the FathersVol.08 Chapter 39: Three Sided Dad FightVol.08 Chapter 38: Parental DiscontentVol.08 Chapter 37: The End of the WorldVol.08 Chapter 36: People under a Blue SkyVol.07 Chapter 35: The Battles DemiseVol.07 Chapter 34: What it Means to WinVol.07 Chapter 33: Coffin for the VictorVol.07 Chapter 32: Ikuno's RampageVol.06 Chapter 31: Tenacious WomanVol.06 Chapter 30: Reparations of FearVol.06 Chapter 29: Meeting with the DevilVol.06 Chapter 28: The Fighting WomanVol.06 Chapter 27: Season of the SunVol.05 Chapter 26: No. 2 CoupleVol.05 Chapter 25: FinaleVol.05 Chapter 24: Battle for GuardianVol.05 Chapter 23: The Legend CrumblesVol.05 Chapter 22: The Red InvaderVol.04 Chapter 21.5: Vs. The Passing Murder - Side StoryVol.04 Chapter 21: A Morning JogVol.04 Chapter 20: Fever Induced ShowdownVol.04 Chapter 19: Facts Behind the Pure of HeartVol.04 Chapter 18: Scene of a ConfessionVol.03 Chapter 17: First Love ScandalVol.03 Chapter 16: An Evil Influence Creeps ForthVol.03 Chapter 15: A New Enemy?Vol.03 Chapter 14: The Soukyuu Park Delinquent Cleanup PlanVol.03 Chapter 13: First Loves WhereaboutsVol.02 Chapter 12: An Angel's Steel HammerVol.02 Chapter 11: Conclusion in TearsVol.02 Chapter 10: Battle Against ThreeVol.02 Chapter 9: Return MatchVol.02 Chapter 8: Prelude to a FightVol.02 Chapter 7: Boil with RageVol.01 Chapter 6: GekitotuVol.01 Chapter 5: Intensification of ResistanceVol.01 Chapter 4: A Small KindnessVol.01 Chapter 3: The Beginning of a LegendVol.01 Chapter 2: The Scariest School GuardianVol.01 Chapter 1: Introducing the Scariest Face Around