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Angel Heart

Angel Heart
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Angel Heart


Angel Heart 1st Season



Synopsis Angel Heart

A young Taiwanese assassin codenamed "Glass Heart" committed suicide by jumping off a building, and her heart was pierced by a metal fence. Miraculously, her life was saved by heart transplantation. During her recovery she began to experience strange dreams, which led her to Japan looking for the donor of her heart, who happens to be Kaori Makimura, former partner of City Hunter.

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Chapters of Angel Heart

Vol.31 - Chapter 337Vol.31 - Chapter 336Vol.31 - Chapter 335Vol.31 - Chapter 334Vol.31 - Chapter 333Vol.31 - Chapter 332Vol.31 - Chapter 331Vol.30 - Chapter 330Vol.30 - Chapter 329Vol.30 - Chapter 328Chapter 327Vol.30 - Chapter 326Vol.30 - Chapter 325Vol.30 - Chapter 324Vol.30 - Chapter 323Vol.30 - Chapter 322Vol.30 - Chapter 321Chapter 320: Cruel PunishmentChapter 319: The SponsorChapter 318: Saeko Back On DutyChapter 317: Flagrant OffenseChapter 316: Saeko's DeterminationChapter 315: Silent OrchestraChapter 314: Accidental SuccessChapter 313: A Long DayChapter 312: The Stand-InChapter 311: The Declaration Of WarChapter 310: MakotoChapter 309: Even Though We're Apart...Vol.28 - Chapter 308Vol.28 - Chapter 307Vol.28 - Chapter 306Vol.28 - Chapter 305Vol.28 - Chapter 304Vol.28 - Chapter 303Vol.28 - Chapter 302Vol.28 - Chapter 301Vol.28 - Chapter 300Vol.28 - Chapter 299Vol.28 - Chapter 298Vol.27 - Chapter 297Vol.27 - Chapter 296Vol.27 - Chapter 295Vol.27 - Chapter 294Vol.27 - Chapter 293Vol.27 - Chapter 292Vol.27 - Chapter 291Vol.27 - Chapter 290Vol.27 - Chapter 289Vol.27 - Chapter 288Vol.27 - Chapter 287Vol.26 - Chapter 286Vol.26 - Chapter 285Vol.26 - Chapter 284Vol.26 - Chapter 283Vol.26 - Chapter 282Vol.26 - Chapter 281Vol.26 - Chapter 280Vol.26 - Chapter 279Vol.26 - Chapter 278Vol.26 - Chapter 277Vol.26 - Chapter 276Vol.25 - Chapter 275Vol.25 - Chapter 274Vol.25 - Chapter 273Vol.25 - Chapter 272Vol.25 - Chapter 271Vol.25 - Chapter 270Vol.25 - Chapter 269Vol.25 - Chapter 268Vol.25 - Chapter 267Vol.25 - Chapter 266Vol.25 - Chapter 265Vol.24 - Chapter 264Vol.24 - Chapter 263Vol.24 - Chapter 262Vol.24 - Chapter 261Vol.24 - Chapter 260Chapter 259Vol.24 - Chapter 258Vol.24 - Chapter 257Vol.24 - Chapter 256Vol.24 - Chapter 255Vol.24 - Chapter 254Vol.23 - Chapter 253Vol.23 - Chapter 252Vol.23 - Chapter 251Vol.23 - Chapter 250Vol.23 - Chapter 249Vol.23 - Chapter 248Vol.23 - Chapter 247Vol.23 - Chapter 246Vol.23 - Chapter 245Vol.23 - Chapter 244Vol.23 - Chapter 243Vol.22 - Chapter 242Vol.22 - Chapter 241Vol.22 - Chapter 240Vol.22 - Chapter 239Vol.22 - Chapter 238Vol.22 - Chapter 237Vol.22 - Chapter 236Vol.22 - Chapter 235Vol.22 - Chapter 234Vol.22 - Chapter 233Vol.22 - Chapter 232Vol.21 - Chapter 231Vol.21 - Chapter 230Vol.21 - Chapter 229Vol.21 - Chapter 228Vol.21 - Chapter 227Vol.21 - Chapter 226Vol.21 - Chapter 225Vol.21 - Chapter 224Vol.21 - Chapter 223Vol.21 - Chapter 222Vol.21 - Chapter 221Chapter 220Vol.20 Chapter 219: I'm Your PapaThe Arrival Of Great Fortune!!Chapter 217The Girl Who Pursues And WaitsCity Hunter Qualification Test!Vol.20 Chapter 214: Operation IntegrationVol.20 Chapter 213: Men's NatureVol.20 Chapter 212: The Price Of A Long LifeTwo Men In A CarChapter 210Welling EmotionChapter 208Alcohol, Tears, A Prince And A Mother?The Prince's DistressChapter 205Chapter 204Chapter 203Chapter 202Chapter 201Vol.19 Chapter 200: The Super-Deluded Has ArrivedVol.19 Chapter 199: The Suitor from a Foreign LandVol.18 Chapter 198: Christmas PresentVol.18 Chapter 197: A Ring's MemoriesVol.18 Chapter 196: Yang ReturnsVol.18 Chapter 195: The End of Summer VacationVol.18 Chapter 194: Father and Daughter's DeterminationVol.18 Chapter 193: A Furious Strike!Vol.18 Chapter 192: Family ConversationVol.18 Chapter 191: Thrilling Car Chase!Vol.18 Chapter 190: Bus-Jacking!Vol.18 Chapter 189: The Pervert Revealed!Vol.18 Chapter 188: Let's go to the Beach!Vol.17 Chapter 187: Miki's DisapperanceVol.17 Chapter 186: Umibozu A Pervert?Vol.17 Chapter 185: Umibozu and TeacherVol.17 Chapter 184: It's Hard Being A FatherVol.17 Chapter 183: Reiko's FutureVol.17 Chapter 182: Shin Hon's legacyVol.17 Chapter 181: The Man Who Changed the FutureVol.17 Chapter 180: Intertwined FateVol.17 Chapter 179: The Future of a SmileVol.17 Chapter 178: The Price of PrescienceVol.17 Chapter 177: A Man's FaithVol.16 Chapter 176: Sorrowful CoupleVol.16 Chapter 175: A Couple's FutureVol.16 Chapter 174: Reisen's WorriesVol.16 Chapter 173: A Bright Future?Vol.16 Chapter 172: Mother's Way of ThinkingVol.16 Chapter 171: We Meet AgainVol.16 Chapter 170: Yang, Begin the Operation!Vol.16 Chapter 169: The Invisible Man Appears!Vol.16 Chapter 168: Heaven and Hell?Vol.16 Chapter 167: Yang's MissionVol.16 Chapter 166: Could Love Save This World?Vol.15 Chapter 165: Yang's Request?Vol.15 Chapter 164: Where One BelongsVol.15 Chapter 163: Drinks Between WomenVol.15 Chapter 162: Ryo's Big MistakeVol.15 Chapter 161: Love AwarenessVol.15 Chapter 160: Mystery of the Man Who is LovedVol.15 Chapter 159: Love S-I-G-NVol.15 Chapter 158: Reason for Being LovedVol.15 Chapter 157: Ryo's Cell Phone LifeVol.15 Chapter 156: Family PictureVol.15 Chapter 155: AnnouncementVol.14 Chapter 154: Joy's DestinationVol.14 Chapter 153: Like Mother and DaughterVol.14 Chapter 152: Miki's HappinessVol.14 Chapter 151: Start Living Together!Vol.14 Chapter 150: Lover's TreasureVol.14 Chapter 149: Dearest Person in the City?Vol.14 Chapter 148: Joy's SecretVol.14 Chapter 147: Dangerous Star Actress!Vol.14 Chapter 146: The Kind-Hearted MasterVol.14 Chapter 145: Seeing the Setting Sun in the DarknessVol.14 Chapter 144: Together ForeverVol.13 Chapter 143: Longing for MamaVol.13 Chapter 142: Pure and Untainted HeartVol.13 Chapter 141: Umibozu and Zashiki-WarashiVol.13 Chapter 140: Dream of Wishful DesiresVol.13 Chapter 139: Saeko's ReciprocationVol.13 Chapter 138: Zashiki-Warashi of the CityVol.13 Chapter 137: Saeko and the Mysterious GirlVol.13 Chapter 136: Takahata's Lucky CharmVol.13 Chapter 135: The Proof of LivingVol.13 Chapter 134: Continue Living!Vol.13 Chapter 133: Dangerous Heart OperationVol.12 Chapter 132: The Truth RevealedVol.12 Chapter 131: Takahata's DeceptionVol.12 Chapter 130: Ayane's DeceptionVol.12 Chapter 129: Saori's MemoriesVol.12 Chapter 128: Sympathy of the HeartVol.12 Chapter 127: Believing the Heart's VoiceVol.12 Chapter 126: Bai Lan's LetterVol.12 Chapter 125: Inherited LifeVol.12 Chapter 124: Spiritual Food for ExistenceVol.12 Chapter 123: Sorrowful Day of OperationVol.12 Chapter 122: Bai Lan's DeterminationVol.11 Chapter 121: First-Time AffectionVol.11 Chapter 120: Blessed Child from GodVol.11 Chapter 119: Innner InsightsVol.11 Chapter 118: Bai Lan's MissionVol.11 Chapter 117: The Changes Of The TwoVol.11 Chapter 116: Destined MeetingVol.11 Chapter 115: Silent Night MiracleVol.11 Chapter 114: A Misunderstanding Between Lover'sVol.11 Chapter 113: Tea Pot Baby!Vol.11 Chapter 112: Request From A Highway Bandit!?Vol.11 Chapter 111: StoryVol.10 Chapter 110: Devoted ManVol.10 Chapter 109: Ryo's RequestVol.10 Chapter 108: City Hunter's Real IdentityVol.10 Chapter 107: Makimura's DeterminationVol.10 Chapter 106: A Little WishVol.10 Chapter 105: City Full of MemeriesVol.10 Chapter 104: Miraclous MatchVol.10 Chapter 103: Shinkuku's AngelVol.10 Chapter 102: The Heart's ReactionVol.10 Chapter 101: Did My Sister Live Happily?Vol.10 Chapter 100: Finding Little SisterVol.09 Chapter 99: The Feelings of Those in LoveVol.09 Chapter 98: Tearful Farewell to Your First LoveVol.09 Chapter 97: Smiling Face of HappinessVol.09 Chapter 96: Distant PromiseVol.09 Chapter 95: I Am in LoveVol.09 Chapter 94: Father's Love for His DaughterVol.09 Chapter 93: A Feeling Deeper than Falling in LoveVol.09 Chapter 92: Is This Love?Vol.09 Chapter 91: Truthful ExpressionVol.09 Chapter 90: The Closest FeelingVol.09 Chapter 89: A Late HappinessVol.08 Chapter 88: A Bullet Loaded with WarmthVol.08 Chapter 87: A Single LoveVol.08 Chapter 86: A Place Full of MemoriesVol.08 Chapter 85: A Demon Missing LoveVol.08 Chapter 84: The End of the DemonVol.08 Chapter 83: A Sad Serial KillerVol.08 Chapter 82: The Smell of DangerVol.08 Chapter 81: Kaori's TearsVol.08 Chapter 80: The Target Is ShaninVol.08 Chapter 79: Saeko's XYZVol.08 Chapter 78: The Ring Left as an InheritanceVol.07 Chapter 77: A Real FamilyVol.07 Chapter 76: To Live in this Period Again...Vol.07 Chapter 75: A Link More Precious than LifeVol.07 Chapter 74: A Five Yen Coin as a Farewell GiftVol.07 Chapter 73: A Clumsy ManVol.07 Chapter 72: An Unspeakable FeelingVol.07 Chapter 71: The Contract Is a Murder!?Vol.07 Chapter 70: Shanin's MetamorphosisVol.07 Chapter 69: Two Smiling FacesVol.07 Chapter 68: The Soft Sound of a HeartbeatVol.07 Chapter 67: Unfair HappinessVol.06 Chapter 66: The Heart of an AngelVol.06 Chapter 65: Shanin's DecisionVol.06 Chapter 64: Unveiling the TruthVol.06 Chapter 63: I'll Protect You, Yume!Vol.06 Chapter 62: Mommy's HeartVol.06 Chapter 61: A Lonely Little GirlVol.06 Chapter 60: Wounds of the HeartVol.06 Chapter 59: City Hunter, Guilty!?Vol.06 Chapter 58: The Link Between Parents and ChildrenVol.06 Chapter 57: Stray Dog's ConfessionVol.06 Chapter 56: Two Stray DogsVol.05 Chapter 55: The Makimura SiblingsVol.05 Chapter 54: Meeting in a DreamVol.05 Chapter 53: Saeko's BirthdayVol.05 Chapter 52: A Conversation with KaoriVol.05 Chapter 51: The Bear with BalloonsVol.05 Chapter 50: Finishing the Shooting PreparationsVol.05 Chapter 49: Tanya's True SmileVol.05 Chapter 48: Portrait of a FatherVol.05 Chapter 47: Look for My DaddyVol.05 Chapter 46: Ryo, Benjamine and the CEO WifeVol.05 Chapter 45: An Assassin's HabitsVol.04 Chapter 44: First CustomerVol.04 Chapter 43: Baptism Made in ShinjukuVol.04 Chapter 42: FashionVol.04 Chapter 41: Old Man Chen's ShopVol.04 Chapter 40: DisrespectfulVol.04 Chapter 39: Mr. Lee's GiftVol.04 Chapter 38: Welcome BackVol.04 Chapter 37: Shadows of the FatherVol.04 Chapter 36: The Funeral on the BoatVol.04 Chapter 35: The Birth of a New FamilyVol.04 Chapter 34: ReleaseVol.03 Chapter 33: The Impact That Spans Across a YearVol.03 Chapter 32: DadVol.03 Chapter 31: The Last FinaleVol.03 Chapter 30: A Forgotten NameVol.03 Chapter 29: Mr. Lee's PunishmentVol.03 Chapter 28: Returning to Life and Meeting Danger AgainVol.03 Chapter 27: Memories of Basic TrainingVol.03 Chapter 26: Lavish LifeVol.03 Chapter 25: The Reappearing PastVol.03 Chapter 24: The Forgotten ThingsVol.03 Chapter 23: A Comrade's Good WillVol.02 Chapter 22: The Reason to Keep LivingVol.02 Chapter 21: Soldier's DecisionVol.02 Chapter 20: Declaration of War at ShinjukuVol.02 Chapter 19: Ryo with a Mysterious StyleVol.02 Chapter 18: Glass Heart's PanicVol.02 Chapter 17: Seal of FateVol.02 Chapter 16: Secret of the OriginVol.02 Chapter 15: The Fatal Lives of the Lee BrothersVol.02 Chapter 14: The Shocking MemoryVol.02 Chapter 13: Shinjuku in PanicVol.02 Chapter 12: The Shock of the TruthVol.01 Chapter 11: The Truth Draws NearVol.01 Chapter 10: Dialogue with Her HeartVol.01 Chapter 9: A Shocking EncounterVol.01 Chapter 8: Reunion in the Form of a MeetingVol.01 Chapter 7: Crazy Race Towards the Display BoardVol.01 Chapter 6: Reunion with Her MemoriesVol.01 Chapter 5: Guided by MemoriesVol.01 Chapter 4: Great Disarray at Shinjuku!Vol.01 Chapter 3: I Want to Meet that ManVol.01 Chapter 2: The Memory of a Screaming DreamVol.01 Chapter 1: Destined to Shake Assassin