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Arakawa Under the Bridge

Arakawa Under the Bridge
Status Completed
Type Manga

Arakawa Under the Bridge



Synopsis Arakawa Under the Bridge

Gag manga about a young "elite" man who has a policy of not being in debt to anyone. But he ends up owing his life to a strange girl who saves his life. Nino, the girl, believes she's a martian & lives under the bridge by the Arakawa river. So the young man ends up living there too.

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Chapters of Arakawa Under the Bridge

Vol.15 Chapter 400.7: After MangaVol.15 Chapter 400.6: Shooting StarVol.15 Chapter 400.5: Arakawa IllusionVol.15 Chapter 400: My Girlfriend Is venusianVol.15 Chapter 399: On The Rainbow BridgeVol.15 Chapter 398: Call Me Papa!Vol.15 Chapter 397: A Venusian AloneVol.15 Chapter 396: The Mole's DreamVol.15 Chapter 395: Where She Wants To GoVol.15 Chapter 394: Find NinoVol.15 Chapter 393: What Are You To Nino-San?Vol.15 Chapter 392: Spirit, Begone!Vol.15 Chapter 391: Love Or Death?Vol.15 Chapter 390: Death From HeartbreakVol.15 Chapter 389: Lost ClothesVol.15 Chapter 388: Visit To The Holy MotherVol.15 Chapter 387: The Words Of MariaVol.15 Chapter 386: Between Rec And Nino Is...?Vol.15 Chapter 385: Immutable EvidenceVol.15 Chapter 384: Select KalbiVol.15 Chapter 383: Problems On The Front Line Of River Basin Love?Vol.15 Chapter 382: The Nature Of The SpiritVol.15 Chapter 381: The Things That Bind UsVol.15 Chapter 380: Strong MindVol.15 Chapter 379: FriendshipVol.15 Chapter 378: War BuddiesVol.14 Chapter 377.7: Unopened DoorVol.14 Chapter 377.6: The Devil In The RiverVol.14 Chapter 377.5: The War On PollenVol.14 Chapter 377: Love In Her EyesVol.14 Chapter 376: ConfidenceVol.14 Chapter 375: RitualVol.14 Chapter 374: The Risk Of NamingVol.14 Chapter 373: River Basin DemocracyVol.14 Chapter 372: River Basin Special ConcertVol.14 Chapter 371: Thanks From EveryoneVol.14 Chapter 370: Birthday PresentVol.14 Chapter 369: Birthday PartyVol.14 Chapter 368: Gym ConquestVol.14 Chapter 367: Tengu GymVol.14 Chapter 366: For YouVol.14 Chapter 365: Last Samurai's Flower Words ClassroomVol.14 Chapter 364: Feelings Expressed In Flower WordsVol.14 Chapter 363: Cooking HistoryVol.14 Chapter 362: Love CookingVol.14 Chapter 361: Dokidoki Watching On Lunch BreakVol.14 Chapter 360: New Resident CandidateVol.14 Chapter 359: ResearchVol.14 Chapter 358: Their Manga CareerVol.14 Chapter 357: Nino, Track Suits, And Those Two...Vol.13 Chapter 356.6: PixelsVol.13 Chapter 356.5: Girl Power Force Love YeastVol.13 Chapter 356: A Special NameVol.13 Chapter 355: Mayoral AwakeningVol.13 Chapter 354: Despotic Reign Of TerrorVol.13 Chapter 353: Kameari's DecisionVol.13 Chapter 352: Welcome To Arakawa River BasinVol.13 Chapter 351: Kameari's RequestVol.13 Chapter 350: Nino's AnswerVol.13 Chapter 349: Pillar Of The HeartVol.13 Chapter 348: NatureVol.13 Chapter 347: A Silent FriendVol.13 Chapter 346: Bare-FacedVol.13 Chapter 345: Tengu-Style Girl talkVol.13 Chapter 344: River Basic Group Date BeginsVol.13 Chapter 343: Whither The Baby TeethVol.13 Chapter 342: Stella's Journey BeginsVol.13 Chapter 341: Proof Of LeadershipVol.13 Chapter 340: Sense Of HumorVol.13 Chapter 339: New Mayor's First JobVol.13 Chapter 338: New Mayor Inauguration PartyVol.13 Chapter 337: Last Samurai's Cunning SchemeVol.13 Chapter 336: Light Of HopeVol.13 Chapter 335: New Mayor's New ValuesVol.13 Chapter 334: River Basin Imperial EducationVol.13 Chapter 333: Public Opinion PollVol.13 Chapter 332: Birth Of A New MayorVol.13 Chapter 331: Spring HrVol.13 Chapter 330: True UnemploymentVol.13 Chapter 329: Career UpVol.13 Chapter 328: Arakawa Hello, WorkVol.13 Chapter 327: Special SomethingVol.13 Chapter 326: Wardrobe ChangeVol.12 Chapter 325.5: Black BirdVol.12 Chapter 324: Love RivalsVol.12 Chapter 323: Bird Love WeekVol.12 Chapter 322: Miracle Of LoveVol.12 Chapter 321: P-Ko MomVol.12 Chapter 320: Don't Take Off The Baby SuitVol.12 Chapter 319: Birth And RealityVol.12 Chapter 318: KapregnancyVol.12 Chapter 317: Mayor PregnancyVol.12 Chapter 316: Girl Power OverdriveVol.12 Chapter 315: Real Chocolate PleaseVol.12 Chapter 314: Give Me ChocolateVol.12 Chapter 313: End Of The AdventureVol.12 Chapter 312: The Search For MedicineVol.12 Chapter 311: NursingVol.12 Chapter 310: New Year Shrine VisitVol.12 Chapter 309: AfflictionVol.12 Chapter 308: New Year's BellsVol.12 Chapter 307: Family ZigzagVol.12 Chapter 306: P-Ko On StageVol.12 Chapter 305: Vegetable HeartVol.12 Chapter 304: And The Holy Night Draws To A CloseVol.12 Chapter 303: Information ControlVol.12 Chapter 302: Santa Claus In ArakawaVol.11 Chapter 301.6: CircusVol.11 Chapter 301.5: Tokimeki!! Arakawa MemorialVol.11 Chapter 301: Best In The UniverseVol.11 Chapter 300: Takai's SchemeVol.11 Chapter 299: Organic ConfessionVol.11 Chapter 298: Organic TransformationVol.11 Chapter 297: Organic FacesVol.11 Chapter 296: Monochrome Murder MysteryVol.11 Chapter 295: Esp InvestigationVol.11 Chapter 294: Metal DetectivesVol.11 Chapter 293: The Mystery Of LifeVol.11 Chapter 292: Can't Sleep, Won't Let SleepVol.10 Chapter 291: HibernationVol.10 Chapter 290.5: Labyrinthian LabyrinthVol.10 Chapter 290: More Valuable Than LifeVol.10 Chapter 289: RehabilitationVol.10 Chapter 288: Souveniers From VenusVol.10 Chapter 287.5: Rec-chan's Venus Diary 2Vol.10 Chapter 287: RangeVol.10 Chapter 286: Yelling LessonsVol.10 Chapter 285: Yelling TrialsVol.10 Chapter 284: Brainwave TransmissionVol.10 Chapter 283.5: Rec-chan's Venus Diary 1Vol.10 Chapter 283: ShapeVol.10 Chapter 282: PuzzleVol.10 Chapter 281: Rocket LaunchVol.10 Chapter 280: CountdownVol.10 Chapter 279: Draft CollaborationVol.10 Chapter 278: The Main CharacterVol.10 Chapter 277: GenreVol.10 Chapter 276: SecretVol.10 Chapter 275: Breakup PartyVol.10 Chapter 274: TypeVol.10 Chapter 273: Settling DebtsVol.10 Chapter 272: Forcing ThroughVol.10 Chapter 271: Man UpVol.10 Chapter 270: EscapeVol.10 Chapter 269: InterrogationVol.10 Chapter 268: TrapVol.10 Chapter 267: Dispute Between BrothersVol.10 Chapter 266: MightVol.10 Chapter 265: MuscleVol.10 Chapter 264: Midterm PresetationVol.10 Chapter 263: Another GoalVol.10 Chapter 262: DietingVol.10 Chapter 261: Parting WordsVol.10 Chapter 260: LifesaverVol.10 Chapter 259: RehearsalVol.10 Chapter 258: Beach HouseVol.10 Chapter 257: Ignoring the RisksVol.10 Chapter 256: Return to the White LineVol.09 Chapter 255: The Sun and the EarthwormVol.09 Chapter 254: RiteVol.09 Chapter 253: TransformationVol.09 Chapter 252: Called, and RushingVol.09 Chapter 251: Spied-upon CompetitionVol.09 Chapter 250: Character EstablishmentVol.09 Chapter 249: DeliveryVol.09 Chapter 248: ConfessionVol.09 Chapter 247: Moving ResidenceVol.09 Chapter 246: Gravity of LoveVol.09 Chapter 245: ReasonVol.09 Chapter 244: A Love GiftVol.09 Chapter 243: Unbending FeelingVol.09 Chapter 242: Kameari Strikes BackVol.09 Chapter 241: Plantation of Broken HeartsVol.09 Chapter 240: Behind the LensVol.09 Chapter 239: Don't Avert Your EyesVol.09 Chapter 238: PhotoVol.09 Chapter 237: Quiet EnlightenmentVol.09 Chapter 236: Humble SimplicityVol.09 Chapter 235: Reach HarmonyVol.09 Chapter 234: ConfessionVol.09 Chapter 233: Customs ExaminationVol.09 Chapter 232: First LoveVol.09 Chapter 231: Open Your HeartVol.09 Chapter 230: Arakawa TrialVol.09 Chapter 229: Kittens' MagicVol.09 Chapter 228: Best ActVol.09 Chapter 227: Sad FarewellVol.09 Chapter 226: Chief's RecollectionsVol.08 Chapter 225.5: Distant ThunderVol.08 Chapter 225: Miracle of a Summer NightVol.08 Chapter 224: Love RivalryVol.08 Chapter 223: The Form of a DateVol.08 Chapter 222: The Person to Protect, the Place to ProtectVol.08 Chapter 221: RealVol.08 Chapter 220: Unexpected GuestsVol.08 Chapter 219: Fruits of PassionVol.08 Chapter 218: Exposed CoreVol.08 Chapter 217: Commander's ReturnVol.08 Chapter 216: Unforgettable ParadeVol.08 Chapter 215: AttractionVol.08 Chapter 214: Arakawa Dream LandVol.08 Chapter 213: The Love That Surpasses Boundaries Between SpeciesVol.08 Chapter 212: Deepening TruthVol.08 Chapter 211: Precious AnniversaryVol.08 Chapter 210: Espers vs VenusiansVol.08 Chapter 209: Iron Brothers' AwakeningVol.08 Chapter 208: Nino's LessonVol.08 Chapter 207: Mail OrderVol.08 Chapter 206: Those Who Can't Be Taken Care OfVol.08 Chapter 205: EnlightenmentVol.08 Chapter 204: Arakawa Before and AfterVol.08 Chapter 203: The Way to Learn the Secrets of the Art of FashionVol.08 Chapter 202: The Road to Becoming a Master of White LinesVol.08 Chapter 201: Teacher and PupilVol.08 Chapter 200: Encounter with the UnknownVol.08 Chapter 199: Beyond the Illusions...Vol.08 Chapter 198: Crank InVol.08 Chapter 197: Arakawa CinemaVol.07 Chapter 196.5: Closer...Vol.07 Chapter 196: Behind the BathroomVol.07 Chapter 195: Chief's SecretVol.07 Chapter 194: Welcome to the Bottom of the RiverVol.07 Chapter 193: Circle of Love, Line of LoveVol.07 Chapter 192: Love's GuidepostVol.07 Chapter 191: Boundaries of PrideVol.07 Chapter 190: Continue, Song of Love!Vol.07 Chapter 189: Unshakable FeelingsVol.07 Chapter 188: Expression of LoveVol.07 Chapter 187: Tumultous LoveVol.07 Chapter 186: Love SongVol.07 Chapter 185: Transfer Student From AmazonVol.07 Chapter 184: Friends Dreaming About SpaceVol.07 Chapter 183: Deep BlueVol.07 Chapter 182: Arakawa Space Station ProjectVol.07 Chapter 181: Boys' ElegyVol.07 Chapter 180: Extreme Patience CompetitionVol.07 Chapter 179: Space Journey Aptitude Test Under the BridgeVol.07 Chapter 178: Battle of WeaklingsVol.07 Chapter 177: Shimazaki's RampageVol.07 Chapter 176: Physical Examination Under the BridgeVol.07 Chapter 175: Arakawa Suite RoomVol.07 Chapter 174: Lovers' ChristmasVol.07 Chapter 173: What Day is Today?Vol.07 Chapter 172: Enigmatic Arakawa RiverbedVol.07 Chapter 171: Amazoness From the Colorful Land (And Her Goblins)Vol.07 Chapter 170: Crossing the BorderVol.07 Chapter 169: I Want To See Your Smile...Vol.07 Chapter 168: Fight for the Love PresentsVol.07 Chapter 167: Free Market Under the BridgeVol.06 Chapter 166.5: A Piece of DirtVol.06 Chapter 166: The Scariest ThingVol.06 Chapter 165: Courage TestVol.06 Chapter 164: Haunted RiverbedVol.06 Chapter 163: Engagement?... And Then...?Vol.06 Chapter 162: Marvelous Life on VenusVol.06 Chapter 161: DeterminationVol.06 Chapter 160: ConfessionVol.06 Chapter 159: Everything Was So SuddenVol.06 Chapter 158: Decoding the CipherVol.06 Chapter 157: Deceived by YuujiVol.06 Chapter 156: Love RushVol.06 Chapter 155: Love Call & Love MailVol.06 Chapter 154: Paper DriftingVol.06 Chapter 153: A Dog's LifeVol.06 Chapter 152: Maria's WishVol.06 Chapter 151: Lethal WeaponVol.06 Chapter 150: God's VoiceVol.06 Chapter 149: The Fated ShowdownVol.06 Chapter 148: Battle of the FinalistsVol.06 Chapter 147: Destined ShowdownVol.06 Chapter 146: Beginning of the Bloody BattleVol.06 Chapter 145: Entrance to the Path to be the StrongestVol.06 Chapter 144: The Start of PreliminariesVol.06 Chapter 143: Wish of the KingVol.06 Chapter 142: Big FamilyVol.06 Chapter 141: DyeingVol.06 Chapter 140: LaundryVol.06 Chapter 139: ScreamVol.06 Chapter 138: The War Between the Bride and the Mother-In-LawVol.06 Chapter 137: Business Meeting Under the BridgeVol.05 Chapter 136.5: SoaringVol.05 Chapter 136: Winner's WhereaboutsVol.05 Chapter 135: Arakawa Spring Sumo TournamentVol.05 Chapter 134: Connection of HeartsVol.05 Chapter 133: Rick's Secret TapeVol.05 Chapter 132: Pyjama PartyVol.05 Chapter 131: Heavier Than WordsVol.05 Chapter 130: MessageVol.05 Chapter 129: On Top of a PoleVol.05 Chapter 128: Message From VenusVol.05 Chapter 127: Cassette TapesVol.05 Chapter 126: Inside the TinVol.05 Chapter 125: Wine, Songs, Girls and BoysVol.05 Chapter 124: The Feast of FriendshipVol.05 Chapter 123: Star's MisunderstandingVol.05 Chapter 122: Star's DestinyVol.05 Chapter 121: PreparationsVol.05 Chapter 120: StargazingVol.05 Chapter 119: The Princess of VenusVol.05 Chapter 118: FeelingVol.05 Chapter 117: Commanding StrictlyVol.05 Chapter 116: And Over the BridgeVol.05 Chapter 115: HallucinationVol.05 Chapter 114: The Manga Artist, the Editor and the ManuscriptVol.05 Chapter 113: VenusianVol.05 Chapter 112: Nino's HouseVol.05 Chapter 111: TradeVol.05 Chapter 110: Billy and JacquelineVol.05 Chapter 109: Hair-DressingVol.05 Chapter 108: Last SamuraiVol.04 Chapter 107.5: DreamVol.04 Chapter 107: The EndVol.04 Chapter 106: Father's FeelingsVol.04 Chapter 105: The Father of the Man Who Can't Be Indebted to AnyoneVol.04 Chapter 104: DisasterVol.04 Chapter 103: Wish Upon a StarVol.04 Chapter 102: TelVol.04 Chapter 101: Ichinomiya's PowerVol.04 Chapter 100: ProjectVol.04 Chapter 99: Father and SonVol.04 Chapter 98: Under the Bridge Without RickVol.04 Chapter 97: Leader's AuraVol.04 Chapter 96: OathVol.04 Chapter 95: PigVol.04 Chapter 94: Government OfficialVol.04 Chapter 93: No Need to WorryVol.04 Chapter 92: Emergency SituationVol.04 Chapter 91: EnlightenmentVol.04 Chapter 90: Chief Under the BridgeVol.04 Chapter 89: TeamworkVol.04 Chapter 88: Disaster Prevention PracticeVol.04 Chapter 87: Last RunVol.04 Chapter 86: Like the Wind... Like a Cloud...Vol.04 Chapter 85: Marathon Under the BridgeVol.04 Chapter 84: First-Class StarVol.04 Chapter 83: Real FormVol.04 Chapter 82: Maria's SecretVol.04 Chapter 81: TyrantVol.04 Chapter 80: M.S.B.Vol.04 Chapter 79: Remains of FireVol.04 Chapter 78: PresentVol.03 Chapter 77.5: MiracleVol.03 Chapter 77: ParentVol.03 Chapter 76: PresentVol.03 Chapter 75: Blue BirdVol.03 Chapter 74: AloneVol.03 Chapter 73: First Time...Vol.03 Chapter 72: Deep RelationshipVol.03 Chapter 71: SecretaryVol.03 Chapter 70: Employees Under the BridgeVol.03 Chapter 69: LiesVol.03 Chapter 68: What's Common Sense?Vol.03 Chapter 67: ChangeVol.03 Chapter 66: WinterVol.03 Chapter 65: All of UsVol.03 Chapter 64: P-ko and KappaVol.03 Chapter 63: Digging For PotatoesVol.03 Chapter 62: When Your Partner Changes, You Change TooVol.03 Chapter 61: I Can't Become Docile...Vol.03 Chapter 60: TurfVol.03 Chapter 59: Beginning of the LessonVol.03 Chapter 58: InterestVol.03 Chapter 57: Teacher Under the BridgeVol.03 Chapter 56: Choice of JobVol.03 Chapter 55: HintVol.03 Chapter 54: PolypropyleneVol.03 Chapter 53: Last SongVol.03 Chapter 52: Wonderful MusicVol.03 Chapter 51: Music BattleVol.03 Chapter 50: ImpetusVol.03 Chapter 49: Rick's TeachingsVol.03 Chapter 48: Scratch My Back and I'll Scratch YoursVol.02 Chapter 47.5: BottomVol.02 Chapter 47: I'll Beat the Hell Out of YouVol.02 Chapter 46: LeechVol.02 Chapter 45: FamilyVol.02 Chapter 44: You Can't Hide Your EmotionsVol.02 Chapter 43: Service That Makes You BleedVol.02 Chapter 42: MariaVol.02 Chapter 41: Brother's QualificationsVol.02 Chapter 40: Let's PlayVol.02 Chapter 39: StellaVol.02 Chapter 38: For YouVol.02 Chapter 37: If It's Paprika...Vol.02 Chapter 36: Meeting in the Vegetable GardenVol.02 Chapter 35: KingVol.02 Chapter 34: Rainy SeasonVol.02 Chapter 33: Relationships with the Opposite SexVol.02 Chapter 32: First DateVol.02 Chapter 31: To the River's MouthVol.02 Chapter 30: PlanVol.02 Chapter 29: InvitationVol.02 Chapter 28: Rick's DeterminationVol.02 Chapter 27: Manly FriendshipVol.02 Chapter 26: Sister's Confession RoomVol.02 Chapter 25: PartnerVol.02 Chapter 24: Nino and the ChildVol.01 Chapter 23.5: DistanceVol.01 Chapter 23: For the Sake of LoveVol.01 Chapter 22: Snow-Covered NinoVol.01 Chapter 21: SolutionVol.01 Chapter 20: Midwinter MysteryVol.01 Chapter 19: The Teachings of JesusVol.01 Chapter 18: MassVol.01 Chapter 17: Battle SisterVol.01 Chapter 16: TransformationVol.01 Chapter 15: Welcome PartyVol.01 Chapter 14: Rick's MemoriesVol.01 Chapter 13: UrchinVol.01 Chapter 12: Enjoy Your BathVol.01 Chapter 11: Pastime TogetherVol.01 Chapter 10: New LifeVol.01 Chapter 9: GOVol.01 Chapter 8: A Place to RestVol.01 Chapter 7: Recruitment Under the BridgeVol.01 Chapter 6: TruthVol.01 Chapter 5: ContentsVol.01 Chapter 4: Green GreenVol.01 Chapter 3: Positive ThinkingVol.01 Chapter 2: Under the Bridge on a Big PlanetVol.01 Chapter 1: The Man Who Can't Be Indebted To Anyone