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Synopsis Ardour

Ardour is the biggest pop group there is right now. All of the members are hot guys that all the girls are going crazy for nowadays. Lian is a normal student who sorta watches MTV from time to time. But she has a father who works for a broadcasting company and now her friends who are big Ardour fans are asking her to go to her father and try to get autographs from the members of Ardour. But the thing is, she has no idea what these guys even look like.

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Chapters of Ardour

Vol.10 - Chapter 48Vol.10 - Chapter 47Vol.10 - Chapter 46Vol.9 Chapter 45.5: Extra - MajesticChapter 45Chapter 44Chapter 43KidnappedAbandonedVol.08 Chapter 40: Tea GatheringVol.08 Chapter 39: Special TrainingVol.08 Chapter 38: ConflictVol.08 Chapter 37: EngagmentVol.08 Chapter 36: JapanVol.07 Chapter 35: Semi-FinalsVol.07 Chapter 34: DeadlineVol.07 Chapter 34Vol.07 Chapter 33Vol.07 Chapter 32: Hard TwistVol.07 Chapter 31: ChoiceVol.06 Chapter 30Vol.06 Chapter 29Vol.06 Chapter 28Vol.06 Chapter 27Vol.06 Chapter 26Vol.05 Chapter 25Vol.05 Chapter 24Vol.05 Chapter 23Vol.05 Chapter 22Vol.05 Chapter 21Vol.04 Chapter 20Vol.04 Chapter 19Vol.04 Chapter 18Vol.04 Chapter 17Vol.04 Chapter 16Vol.03 Chapter 15Vol.03 Chapter 14: UndercurrentVol.03 Chapter 13: StanceVol.03 Chapter 12: Before the DanceVol.03 Chapter 11: AcceptanceVol.02 Chapter 10Vol.02 Chapter 9: At a LossVol.02 Chapter 8: ChallengeVol.02 Chapter 7: RelationshipVol.02 Chapter 6: ConflictVol.01 Chapter 5.5: Ardour DiaryVol.01 Chapter 5: AttractivenessVol.01 Chapter 4: IndifferenceVol.01 Chapter 3: AssistantVol.01 Chapter 2: InvasionVol.01 Chapter 1: Encounter