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Area 51

Area 51
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Area 51





Synopsis Area 51

In the American Area 51, there is a society where many varied supernatural creatures—kappa, vampires, aliens, gods and goddesses of various mythologies, mythological figures (like King Arthur), and more—make their home. In addition to the non-humans, there's also a population of humans, people who can't live in the ordinary world for one reason or another. One of these people is Magoi Tokuko, commonly known as McCoy, a tough woman who works cases with the help of her kappa associate, her deep knowledge of the area, and her pistol. In her office, which she's built in an unfinished subway station, she takes on all kinds of jobs (recovery of stolen goods, infiltration, etc.) from the many humans and non-humans who come to pay for her help.

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Chapters of Area 51

Vol.7 - Chapter 27Long Time no SeeChapter 25Man Must be a SwordVol.06 Chapter 23: Didn't Your Mommy Tell You, You Can't Put Women Under RestraintVol.06 Chapter 22: Donut's Repay... Maybe NotVol.06 Chapter 21: Please Sing a Song for Me Tonight, Prince.Vol.05 Chapter 20: Only That Dog Knew...Vol.05 Chapter 19: Zeus has Died, Right?Vol.05 Chapter 18: Her Name is CowberryVol.05 Chapter 17: It Taste strangeVol.04 Chapter 16: There's a Job Called Detective Assistant in the World...Vol.04 Chapter 15: You Guys Still Doing Situation for 800 Years?Vol.04 Chapter 14: Finally, I Can Buy a Doughnut at the Main Street and Go Home.Vol.04 Chapter 13: Let It Go and Become Easy.Vol.03 Chapter 12.1: ExtrasVol.03 Chapter 12: Complain to Mr. Newton.Vol.03 Chapter 11: Merry Christmas, Garcia!!Vol.03 Chapter 10: Did You Shake Hands?Vol.03 Chapter 9: You Just Looked Like ItVol.02 Chapter 8: That's Why I Love This PortVol.03 Chapter 8: Good LegsVol.02 Chapter 7: Hum... You Look Like a Cat LoverVol.02 Chapter 6: I was Getting Rid of Coffee & DoughnutVol.02 Chapter 5: Take some SleepVol.01 Chapter 4: Do You Know the Story of the Blue Bird?Vol.01 Chapter 3: You Can't Hold Someone Without a Body.Vol.01 Chapter 2: Farewell! Mr. Vampire!!Vol.01 Chapter 1: Why Are You Guys So Quiet?