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Aria The Masterpiece



Synopsis Aria

On the planet Aqua, a world once known as Mars, Akari Mizunashi has just made her home in the town of Neo-VENEZIA, a futuristic imitation of the ancient city of Venice. The technology of "Man Home" (formerly Earth) has not entirely reached this planet, and Akari is alone, having no contact with family or friends. Nonetheless, the town, with its charming labyrinths of rivers and canals, becomes Akari's new infatuation, along with the dream of becoming a full-fledged gondolier. Reverting to a more "primitive" lifestyle and pursuing a new trade, the character of Akari becomes both adventurous and heartwarming all at once.

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Chapters of Aria

Chapter 0: Aria the Origination Perfect Guide Book omakeChapter 0: Aria the Natural Perfect Guide Book omakeChapter 0: Aria the Animation Perfect Guide Book omakeChapter 60.5: Special Navigation - AQUARIAChapter 60: Water Fairies Chapter 59: The FutureChapter 58: Distant BlueChapter 57.5: The Three GirlsChapter 57: The Name of the RoseChapter 56: Living DollsChapter 55: At the Time of TwilightChapter 54: Day OffChapter 53: Cait SithChapter 52: Marriage of the SeaChapter 51: CloverChapter 50.5: Special Navigation: HoroscopesChapter 50: Extracurricular ActivitiesChapter 49: The Four SeasonsChapter 48: TraghettoChapter 47: EpiphanyChapter 46: BirthdayChapter 45.5: AquamarineChapter 45: Moon ViewingChapter 44: Prima DonnaChapter 43: Young FriendshipChapter 42: Self RuleChapter 41: ParinaChapter 40: BonfireChapter 39: Secret PlaceChapter 38: Cemetery IslandChapter 37.5: A Girl's InstinctChapter 37: AmnesiaChapter 36: GondolaChapter 35.5: Artificial Human, Special NavigationChapter 35: Hair, Hairpin, and MeChapter 34: VaporettoChapter 33: MirrorChapter 32: BlackoutChapter 31: Goddess of SpringChapter 30.5: The Parallel World, Special NavigationChapter 30: The Galaxy ExpressChapter 29: Lost KittenChapter 28: Snow WhiteChapter 27: Venezian GlassChapter 26: Orange DaysChapter 25: Following the ShadowChapter 24: MargheritaChapter 23: An Evening of Meteor ShowersChapter 22: CanzoneChapter 21: Mr. PostmanChapter 20: RedentoreChapter 19: The Legendary FairyChapter 18: The Fish that Swims in the SkyChapter 17: MirageChapter 16Chapter 15: Festa del BoccoloChapter 14: Three Water FairiesChapter 13: Town TreasureChapter 12: Under the Cherry Blossoms in Full BloomChapter 11: First Gale of SpringChapter 10.5: A Day in the Life of President Aria, Special NavigationChapter 10: CarnivalChapter 9: Auguri Boun AnnoChapter 8: Voices of the StarsChapter 7: UtopiaChapter 6: Mr. SnowbugChapter 5: Vogare LongaChapter 4: Sun ShowerChapter 3: Sighing BridgeChapter 2: Onshore MaintenanceChapter 1: Neo-Venezia