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Artist Acro

Artist Acro
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Artist Acro


Artist Akuro



Synopsis Artist Acro

Once upon a time, artists were able to use their special skills freely, until seven years ago with a group of artists began using souls as raw materials for their work. Now society lives in fear of artists as a young man named Acro Hamburger travels to the capital city to ply his trade as a sculptor and to realize his dream of becoming a great artist.

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Chapters of Artist Acro

Vol.9 - Chapter 75Vol.9 - Chapter 74Vol.9 - Chapter 73Vol.8 - Chapter 72.5Chapter 72: Nene, shinesVol.8 Chapter 71: Acro, ChangesChapter 70: Acro, blows awayChapter 69: Acro, respondsChapter 68: Vru, criesVol.8 - Chapter 67Vol.7 - Chapter 66Vol.7 - Chapter 65Vol.7 - Chapter 64Vol.7 - Chapter 63Vol.7 - Chapter 62Vol.7 - Chapter 61Vol.7 - Chapter 60Vol.7 - Chapter 59Vol.7 - Chapter 58Vol.7 - Chapter 57Vol.6 - Chapter 56Vol.6 - Chapter 55Vol.6 - Chapter 54Vol.6 - Chapter 53Vol.6 - Chapter 52Vol.6 - Chapter 51Vol.6 - Chapter 50Vol.6 - Chapter 49Vol.6 - Chapter 48Vol.6 - Chapter 47Vol.5 - Chapter 46Vol.5 - Chapter 45Vol.5 - Chapter 44Vol.5 - Chapter 43Vol.5 - Chapter 42Vol.5 - Chapter 41Vol.5 - Chapter 40Vol.5 - Chapter 39Vol.5 - Chapter 38Vol.5 - Chapter 37Vol.4 - Chapter 36Vol.4 - Chapter 35Vol.4 - Chapter 34Vol.4 - Chapter 33Vol.4 - Chapter 32Vol.4 - Chapter 31Chapter 30Chapter 29Chapter 28Chapter 27Chapter 26Vol.3 - Chapter 25Vol.3 - Chapter 24Vol.3 - Chapter 23Chapter 22Chapter 21Chapter 20Chapter 19Chapter 18Chapter 17Chapter 16Chapter 15Chapter 14Chapter 13Chapter 12Chapter 11Chapter 10Chapter 9Chapter 8Chapter 7Vol.01 Chapter 6: Acro, He Has a DiscussionVol.01 Chapter 5: Acro, He is RefusedVol.01 Chapter 4: Acro, He Gets Upset.Vol.01 Chapter 3: Acro, He Talks of DreamsVol.01 Chapter 2: Acro, He Knows the Present.Vol.01 Chapter 1: Acro, He Is at the Capital