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Asobi Asobase

Asobi Asobase
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Asobi Asobase



Synopsis Asobi Asobase

A surreal gag manga featuring beautiful girls and games!

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Chapters of Asobi Asobase

Chapter 132: Starting Tomorrow [END]Chapter 131: Game With A GodChapter 130: Onee ChanChapter 129: Stairway To HeavenChapter 128: To Each Their Own Choice (Part II)Chapter 127Chapter 126Chapter 125Chapter 124Chapter 123Chapter 122Chapter 121Chapter 120Chapter 119Chapter 118Chapter 117Chapter 116Chapter 115Chapter 114Chapter 113Chapter 112Chapter 111Chapter 110Chapter 109Chapter 108Chapter 107Chapter 106Chapter 105Chapter 104Chapter 103Chapter 102Chapter 101Chapter 100Chapter 99Chapter 98Chapter 97Chapter 96Chapter 95Chapter 94Chapter 93Chapter 92Chapter 91Chapter 90Chapter 89Chapter 88Chapter 87Chapter 86Chapter 85Chapter 84Chapter 83Chapter 82Chapter 81Chapter 80Chapter 79Chapter 78Chapter 77Chapter 76Chapter 75Chapter 74The power of the Four Heavenly KingsBeth's FeelingsTime TravellerRomancing SagaHow did the president's abnormal love for me become completely inconsequential and how did she start loving vegetable juice?Reverse-HanakoHanakopointHolding BackOP Order MistakeThe Death Of LucyfermanYorozuya Hana-chanPhotograph TechnologyFriendship DestructionTo You In Full NudeVol.07 Chapter 59: Red-Haired IllusionistVol.06 Chapter 58.5: ExtraVol.06 Chapter 58: Rubbing ExercisesVol.06 Chapter 57: CurseVol.06 Chapter 56: Brown InvestigationVol.06 Chapter 55: Brutal KingVol.06 Chapter 54: Cast With MagicVol.06 Chapter 53: LucyfermanVol.06 Chapter 52: Weaklings Of LifeVol.06 Chapter 51: PandemicVol.06 Chapter 50: A Goddess Is BornVol.05 Chapter 49.5: ExtrasVol.05 Chapter 49: ArmstrongVol.05 Chapter 48: To: Adult MeVol.05 Chapter 47: The Occult Club Witch Project 2Vol.05 Chapter 46: Marchen Battle RoyaleVol.05 Chapter 45: Bra ConferenceVol.05 Chapter 44: Little BrotherVol.05 Chapter 43: Cosplay MarathonVol.05 Chapter 42: DanielVol.05 Chapter 41: Re:Zero: Starting From That Lethal FaceVol.04 Chapter 40.5: Extra: Paper WarsVol.04 Chapter 40: Lethal FaceVol.04 Chapter 39: The Occult Club Witch ProjectVol.04 Chapter 38: Farewell, Student Council PresidentVol.04 Chapter 37: Reveltation From GodVol.04 Chapter 36: Revelation From GodVol.04 Chapter 35: Hanako's Shame TrialVol.04 Chapter 34: Jumping HeartVol.04 Chapter 33: Genetic ManipulationVol.04 Chapter 32: Dutchy WifeVol.03 Chapter 31.5: Magazine Oneshot Reproduction - Making A MovieVol.03 Chapter 31: Kind TeacherVol.03 Chapter 30: The Devil's SugorokuVol.03 Chapter 29: The Worries Of A Fake ForeignerVol.03 Chapter 28: Gotta Catch 'Em Mold!Vol.03 Chapter 27: The Tragedy Of TitsVol.03 Chapter 26: Saying Weird Things (Electro Waves, Go)Vol.03 Chapter 25: Studying For TestsVol.02 Chapter 24: AsteriskVol.02 Chapter 23: The Girl of FearVol.02 Chapter 22: Phanton Thieves: Game Research ClubVol.02 Chapter 21: Fierce Fight, Once AgainVol.02 Chapter 20: Image ChangeVol.02 Chapter 19: Sex Ed.Vol.02 Chapter 18: Maeda's CurseVol.02 Chapter 17: Leading QuestionVol.02 Chapter 16: Ass PlayVol.02 Chapter 15: Eyes And Nose MucusVol.02 Chapter 14: Devilish SenseVol.02 Chapter 13: The Lower Body BeamVol.02 Chapter 12: Putting Their Lives on the LineVol.01 Chapter 11: Unlawful OccupationVol.01 Chapter 10: MarionetteVol.01 Chapter 9: Deafeat is not an OptionVol.01 Chapter 8: Non-Title MatchVol.01 Chapter 7: Witch TrialVol.01 Chapter 6: Game of FriendshipVol.01 Chapter 5Vol.01 Chapter 4: Killing TimeVol.01 Chapter 3: PlaygirlVol.01 Chapter 2: A Cheap ThrillVol.01 Chapter 1: Equivalent Exchange