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Sekitou Elegy

Sekitou Elegy
Status Ongoing
Type Manga

Sekitou Elegy


Sekitou Elergy



Synopsis Sekitou Elegy

Satoshi Yanagawa is working part-time as a police assistant, and works with a beautiful girl that he likes at first sight. But she has a pretty bad character. Are there any prospects for romance? Read on to find out, the story is hilarious at certain moments, and touching at others.

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Chapters of Sekitou Elegy

Chapter 87Chapter 86: Engagment RingChapter 85: The Love Suicides at Sonezaki?Chapter 84: The Miss and the PuppyChapter 83Chapter 82: Jet baloonsChapter 81PaydayThe WeddingThe Night Before The WeddingJust A Hand...CoworkersVol.07 Chapter 75: Papa Satochi Mama ChiikoVol.07 Chapter 74: Double Date (Second Part)Vol.07 Chapter 73: Double Date (First Part)Vol.07 Chapter 72: DivorceVol.07 Chapter 71: A Man and a WomanVol.07 Chapter 70: Satoshi Is Very BusyVol.07 Chapter 69: It's been a long timeVol.07 Chapter 68: Pointless StubornessVol.07 Chapter 67: Even Though It’s Spring…Vol.06 Chapter 66: I just can't say it...Vol.06 Chapter 65: Satoshi’s failureVol.06 Chapter 64: Welcome PartyVol.06 Chapter 63: First Day at WorkVol.06 Chapter 62: All Kinds Of InterviewsVol.06 Chapter 61: He Who Does Not WorkVol.06 Chapter 60: Chiiko the New RecruitVol.06 Chapter 59: Don’t Fuck Around!!Vol.06 Chapter 58: A Future GoalVol.06 Chapter 57: The InterviewVol.06 Chapter 56: A Part-Time Job's EndVol.05 Chapter 55: I decided!Vol.05 Chapter 54: A DreamVol.05 Chapter 53: Ichiou ValentineVol.05 Chapter 52: So Cool...Vol.05 Chapter 51: Commanding Officer ElegyVol.05 Chapter 50: Coming-Of-The-Age CeremonyVol.05 Chapter 49 Vol.05 Chapter 48 Vol.05 Chapter 47: The Over the Top Christmas (Part 2)Vol.05 Chapter 46: The Over the Top Christmas (Part 1)Vol.05 Chapter 45: In her own world?Vol.04 Chapter 44: A Likely TyphoonVol.04 Chapter 43: A Day as a CoupleVol.04 Chapter 42: An Annoying WomanVol.04 Chapter 41: Chiiko's T-ShirtVol.04 Chapter 40: Living Under the Same RoofVol.04 Chapter 39: The Suntanned CoupleVol.04 Chapter 38: The Couple Shrouded in DarknessVol.04 Chapter 37: The Couple by the SeaVol.04 Chapter 36: Touring DateVol.04 Chapter 35: ImpossibleVol.04 Chapter 34: AdultVol.03 Chapter 33: Impatient BoyVol.03 Chapter 32: What are you doing?Vol.03 Chapter 31: Fireworks Festival (Part 2)Vol.03 Chapter 30: Fireworks Festival (Part 1)Vol.03 Chapter 29: ChildishVol.03 Chapter 28: Free Time....Vol.03 Chapter 27: Man UpVol.03 Chapter 26: Happiness?Vol.03 Chapter 25: The Morning AfterVol.03 Chapter 24: Beneath the MoonVol.03 Chapter 23: Rainly, Cloudly, Then Clear SkiesVol.02 Chapter 22: Love Hotel GoVol.02 Chapter 21: Well.. Shall We Do It?Vol.02 Chapter 20: Together With MomVol.02 Chapter 19: At The Public BathVol.02 Chapter 18: A Couple in the Entertainment District - Part 2Vol.02 Chapter 17: A Couple in the Entertainment District - Part 1Vol.02 Chapter 16: The New LifeVol.02 Chapter 15: Finding a Place Isn't Easy...Vol.02 Chapter 14: I'm Going to Become an Uncle?!Vol.02 Chapter 13: In My Pocket for Now...Vol.02 Chapter 12: The Blonde CommemorationVol.01 Chapter 11: The Lingering Memory of a KissVol.01 Chapter 10: The Naive Good-for-nothing Boy Falls in Love AgainVol.01 Chapter 9: The Whereabouts of the ConfessionVol.01 Chapter 8: The ConfessionVol.01 Chapter 7: The Warmth of Locked HandsVol.01 Chapter 6: Couple's LuckVol.01 Chapter 5: It's the Drivers Test!Vol.01 Chapter 4: The Good-For-Nothing Goes to the Gutsy Woman's Home (Part Two)Vol.01 Chapter 3: The Good-For-Nothing Goes to the Gutsy Woman's Home (Part One)Vol.01 Chapter 2: Good-For-Nothings Love Women With GutsVol.01 Chapter 1: The No Good Niavette Boy Falls In Love